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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you come into our house to examine our pet?

Generally not. The doctor is able to do a much more comprehensive physical exam in our mobile clinic, where everything she needs is within arm’s reach. Dogs tend to be more protective in their own home, and thus the physical exam and treatments are more difficult. Cats tend to try to scurry to their favorite hiding spot in the house, again making a thorough exam difficult. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if the pet and/or our client have a physical handicap and will find it difficult to negotiate the steps into our mobile clinic, we may try the exam in the house. And of course, if a dog is unable to rise, we will come into the house.

When a beloved pet is no longer enjoying life and it is time to say goodbye, we will gladly come into your home so your pet can pass peacefully in his or her favorite place, without the stress of going to the animal clinic.

Do you bring medications that my pet may need with you?


 Yes we do. We have a well stocked pharmacy, and we can dispense most common medications right on the spot. However, since the space aboard our mobile clinic is limited compared to a “traditional” hospital and there is an extensive array of new flea, heartworm and other medications, we cannot stock every possible medication in every possible size. If we do not have what you need on board, we can arrange to get it for you, or explain why there may be a better choice for your pet.

My pet is on long term medication. How do I get medication refills?

That’s an easy one! Just give us a call, and we will mail your pet’s medication to you. Please, please, please try to keep about a two week supply of your pet’s medication on hand, so we will have plenty of time to get the medication to you. This is especially important if there is a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, or if we (or you) might be planning a vacation. If we do take a vacation, there will be somebody answering phones that can fill your pet’s prescription, but of course it would be best to fill prescriptions when our full staff is available. If you forget to call and just gave your pet her last pill, there is always the option of meeting us at one of our appointments, but this may cause undue inconvenience to you. After all, we want your experience of using a mobile vet to be all about convenience and great service!

What medications do you recommend for fleas, ticks and heartworms?

With a myriad of new flea, tick and heartworm products recently coming to the market, there is no single product to meet the needs of each and every pet. Only your veterinarian can help you customize your flea, tick and heartworm control based on the needs of YOUR individual pet.

What if I have an emergency with my pet?

During normal business hours, you can either try calling us first, or you can call the nearest animal hospital if it is the type of emergency where every minute counts (it is always best to know where this is ahead of time). For less urgent emergencies, if you call us and we are unable to get to your house in a timely manner, often times our clients will still prefer to see us because we are their regular veterinarian and we know their pet, so we would give you the option of meeting us at our current location.  If this option is not satisfactory or would not provide emergency care in an appropriate time frame, we can refer you to a local veterinarian.

For after hours emergencies, call Animal Emergency of Hernando at (352) 666-0904. They are located on Deltona Boulevard.

How do your fees compare with those of “regular” veterinarians?

Although our house call fee is slightly higher than the average “office visit” fee for our area (due to the time and gasoline expense of bringing our mobile clinic to your home), you may find that most of our other fees are similar to, or even less than those of “traditional” animal hospitals. Our “house call” fee DOES include the comprehensive examination of your pet and is not just the fee to come to your home. (Many mobile vets charge a “house call” fee AND a separate exam charge). We feel that you will find the added convenience and highly personalized service well worth the slight additional cost. (See the section on “What are the advantages of using a mobile veterinarian?”).

How much is your house call fee?

Our house call fee is $60, which includes the comprehensive examination and evaluation of your pet, and any recommendations needed to ensure his or her well-being.


What are the prices for vaccinations?

Vaccinations for dogs:

DAPP (4 in 1) vaccination: $24

Rabies vaccination $24
(If you have written proof of a prior Rabies vaccination for your dog, this is a three year vaccination. If you do not have proof, or if this is your dog's first Rabies vaccination, then it is a one year vaccination)


Bordetella $24

Leptospirosis $20

Vaccinations for cats:

FVRCP (3 in 1) vaccination $23

Rabies vaccination $26
For cats, we use only Purevax vaccinations, which are designed to prevent serious injection site complications. They cost a little more, but are well worth it.

Do you offer multiple pet discounts?

Yes we do! If we see multiple pets at the same visit, the exam of each additional pet is $40, a $20 savings off our single pet house call fee. You can even take advantage of our multiple pet discount even if you have only one pet! Simply team up with a neighbor, family member or friend to have multiple pets seen in the same location and we will split the $20 savings between you and your friend (you will each receive $10 off).

Do you perform in home euthanasia?

Yes. When your beloved companion is terminally ill or in serious pain and is no longer enjoying life, we will help him or her to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge in the comfort and privacy of your home (or in our mobile clinic if you prefer). Please be advised that we will only perform euthanasia if your pet is currently under our care and is terminally ill (cancer, kidney failure, or other untreatable disease).