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Hours of Operation
As of February 21, 2016

Areas Served
As of February 21, 2016


Our hours of operation are somewhat flexible depending on the needs of our clients, and thus up until now we have not posted our hours on the website. However, since frequently people will often ask what our hours are, here is a general idea of our hours of operation:

Monday: 9:30-5:00
Tuesday 9:30-5:00
Wednesday: We are closed on most Wednesdays, but we     generally will answer the phones (unless we are unable to)      and thus we may be available to see an urgent case for our      current clients.
Thursday: 9:30-5:00
Friday: 9:30-5:00
Saturdays: By advance appointment (1-2 days notice)
We are often closed on Saturdays, but this is only because most of our clients do NOT want Saturday appointments, and thus frequently we have nothing booked on Saturdays. However, with advance notice (1-2 days), we will book Saturday appointments between 9:30 and noon. If we have appointments booked on Saturday, we will answer the      phones up until around noon. For Saturdays where nothing is booked in advance, generally we will not be available to answer the phone to provide same day service. In summary, if you would like to know if we are open on a particular Saturday, please give us a call at (352) 835-7537. If you get a voicemail that we are closed, then we are unavailable on that Saturday.

Please remember that these hours are general guidelines. There are days that we are seeing clients well beyond our posted closing time of 5:00, and there are days where we may be finished seeing clients earlier than 5:00. If you need an evening or Saturday appointment, we are usually able to accommodate your request with at least a day or two notice.


We are accepting new clients in the following Zip Codes:

Parts of Zip Code 34604
     (west of Route 41)
Zip Code 34606
Parts of Zip Code 34607
     Spring Hill
     Weeki Wachee
     Not Hernando Beach
Zip Code 34608
Zip Code 34609
Parts of Zip Code 34610
     Going south down Shady Hills Rd.,
     our southern border is Peace Boulevard
     Heading East, our southeastern border is the corner of
     County Line Road and Route 41
Zip Code 34613
Parts of Zip Code 34667 (Hudson)
     Within a mile or so of County Line Road

We are no longer accepting new clients in zip codes 34601 and 34614 due to extensive travel distances. However, if you are already a client and live in these zip codes, we will continue to provide service for you.