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What are the Advantages of using a mobile veterinarian?

• Less stress to pet and owner alike.
• Convenient, curbside service for your pet.
• Highly individualized, one-on-one service. We spend much more time with you and your pet than at a “regular” animal
   hospital (see below).*
• No crowded waiting rooms. In the event that we run a little behind schedule, you can wait in the comfort of your own home. This is a
   big time saver, as you can continue doing what you were doing until we arrive. Frequently, clients will be outside gardening when we pull
   up! We realize your time is valuable, so you won’t waste a lot of time in a noisy, uncomfortable waiting room. In addition, there is less
   worry about your pet coming in contact with a sick, contagious pet in the waiting room.
•  No need to worry about messy car cleanups for those pets who get carsick.
•  It is great for pets who get very stressed by car rides. This helps save the car rides for the “good” things in life, like going to the dog
   park, visiting friends and family, or going camping.
•  It is great for multiple pet households. Why make several trips to the vet, or one trip while trying to juggle multiple pets? AND we offer  
   multiple pet discounts, too!
• It is perfect for owners who can’t easily leave the house due to medical reasons, or who don’t drive.

*At many animal hospitals, there often can be a long wait (often 30-60 minutes or more), followed by only about 10 minutes with the doctor in a rushed atmosphere. Recent studies show that 75% of pet owners reported that their vet appointments lasted less than 10 minutes. Also, 38% of owners visit a veterinary hospital once and never return, with the main reasons for this stated to be a lack of attention from the practice and too little of the veterinarian’s time. This is NOT the case with our practice. Since we only book one appointment every 1˝ hours, we often spend 45-60 minutes with you and your pet, or even more if we see multiple pets. Therefore, please allow yourself ample time when booking an appointment with us. We take the time to get to know our clients and patients personally, and there is plenty of time to ask questions without feeling rushed. We provide more than just a house call. It is complete, convenient, personalized, compassionate care for your pet, right at your doorstep! Why go to the veterinary hospital when we can bring our state-of-the-art mobile veterinary clinic to you?

Besides convenience, there are numerous other reasons to consider our mobile veterinary practice, such as safety. For example, Dr. Mignemi is personally involved in every dentistry, unlike in many animal hospitals, where dentistries are performed by a technician in the back of the hospital, while the doctors are seeing appointments up front.
Only one pet is under anesthesia at any given time, so your pet has the full attention of the doctor and the veterinary assistant. This is not the case in large, multi-doctor practices, and certainly not in low cost spay/neuter facilities.
In addition, Dr. Mignemi will personally administer any needed medications to hospitalized pets. (Yes, we can hospitalize patients when the need arises, as long as the illness is not contagious).