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Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

Dr. Mignemi is the BEST vet I have ever encountered. She is kind, competent and compassionate with the animals, explains everything thoroughly to the humans and will never perform unnecessary tests just for an extra fee. I thought she didn't charge enough and always gave her extra for lunch or as a tip for doing such a caring job with both of my cats!

Having the mobile vet come to the house was such a convenience since my cats don't travel well. The first time I went to the vet after she left and had to sit there for an hour made me miss her even more! Our loss is your gain!! Please don't hesitate to try her mobile services. I guarantee after one visit you won't want to go anywhere else.

Valerie Graham & Snickers

Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

Dr. Mignemi has been my family veterinarian for several years. But she is actually more than your usual Veterinarian. Her honesty and ability to "dummy down" a diagnosis is very comforting. The amount of care she has rendered surpassed even my own expectations. I have found Dr. Mignemi to be a devoted & caring physician who is available to receive a phone call for a simple question as well as take a late evening emergency. She is a doctor on whom both you and your pet can rely!

Deirdre, "Madison" and "Lexington" Jones
Islip, New York

Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

Dr Donna Mignemi is a great vet and we were so sad when we found out she was leaving NY to move to FL. We have known her for 3 of our dogs (Taffy, Sadie, Phoebe). 2 have passed away due to things that come with getting older. She is a great person and great vet. She has felt each of our 2 losses (Taffy and Sadie) as if they were her own pets, which means alot to us. She was also quick to reply to us when we needed her in an emergency and didn't charge us a crazy amount due to emergency visit. Our last dog Sadie was prone to getting cut on things that to this day still remain a mystery how, but we contacted Dr Mignemi and she arranged with us how to get Sadie in quickly to have her checked and stitched. Unfortunately 2 of those cuts happened on extended holiday weekends but that still wasnt a problem to get her in and looked at. We miss having her here to check and care for our pets but we couldnt keep her here unfortunately and now its time for other people to see what we have seen in knowing her :)

Sheila Leonard
New York

Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

We are very thankful to Dr. Mignemi and staff for their tremendous compassion, care, commitment and expertise in the health of our pets. Dr. Mignemi has treated our pets as if they were her own and has always gone above and beyond for her clients. We truly believe that because of her, our pets have always been given the best care and the best quality of life. Dr. Mignemi and staff come highly recommended by our family to yours!

Yours Truly,
The Nappi family
Babylon, NY

“We miss you Dr. Mignemi!”

Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

If you’re looking for a vet that is caring, accommodating, and truly loves YOUR pets, Dr. Mignemi is the vet for you. The love and wonderful care she gave to my pets over the years was absolutely wonderful and we miss her terribly. She has seen me through the loss of two cats, and showed compassion that was unbelievable. When it was time for my cat Lucy, she came to my home at 11pm so that she would not suffer and helped her to pass with peace and tranquility. It was truly an experience I have never had with any vet before. I cannot imagine any other vet doing that. THAT is love of your patients!

Since that time, she saw me add another cat and a three-legged dog to my family (so now I have two dogs and one cat). Once again, her care, love, and understanding of the unique needs of my little three-legged baby were amazing, because she has a three-legged dog herself.
I cannot tell you how much I miss having Dr. Mignemi as my vet, and have to say, I have not yet found another vet here in New York that fills her shoes. She is missed beyond words.
If you would like to talk with me directly about any questions you have regarding trusting your fur children to Dr. Mignemi, feel free to call me.

Sherri Rasmussen

Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

Dr. Mignemi is the very best vet I have ever experienced. She has great knowledge and really does care about your pets. I had adopted a rescue dog in NY who was part Shepard and part hienz 57 varieties The dog started having seizures and several vets were unable to fix the problem. Dr.Mignemi treated him for a rare calcium deficiency in the shepard breed, there were no more problems and my dog lived to be 15 yrs old. There is no better vet available anywhere.

Steven Stark

Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

For more than twelve years, Dr. Mignemi has cared for my extensive family of animals which has included seven dogs, two cats and three ferrets. I currently have four dogs which I consider to be my “canine children” under her care. No other veterinarian demonstrates more expertise in diagnosis, preventive care, surgery and treatment than Dr. Mignemi. Additionally she is warm, humanitarian and kind. When you do engage her services, please listen to her and do whatever she recommends because in my personal experience….she is always right….even though there have been circumstances when I’d wished she was wrong! Dr. Mignemi is an asset to the world of veterinary medicine and I urge everyone who loves their pet to engage the services of Dr. Mignemi and Nature Coast Mobile Veterinary Services.

Albert Milite

Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

Dr. Mignemi came into our lives, because my girl Georgia just didn’t like going into a big vet office. . I figured I would give a  mobile vet a try and see what happened. Our first visit with Dr. Mignemi convinced me I had made the right choice. I had found the perfect person to care for my furbabies.

Her expertise, devotion and caring nature made our vet experiences so easy and comfortable. She was always just a phone call away. Dr. Mignemi has a willingness to talk things through, always guiding me to be the best pet parent I could be. She has seen us through sickness, injuries and life changes with a gentle hand and a loving heart.

We were blessed by being able to have Dr. Mignemi with us when it was time to say goodbye to Bear. She came to our house, held his paw, looked into is eyes, told him what a special man he was and shed her own tears right with me. By Dr. Mignemi coming to the house, Bear was able to remain comfortable in his home until the end. For this I am eternally grateful.

We truly miss having Dr. Mignemi in Long Island, NY. Our pets are a very important part of our family and we only want the best for our family. Dr. Mignemi is just that. Please do not hesitate to give her a chance. You will never have a regret.

  Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida

I have known Dr. Mignemi for as long as she first started out as a vet. We had the pleasure of her first being our vet for our pets then had a great time working alongside of her. She is very dedicated and treats your pets as if they were her own. She is not only an amazing vet but also a kind, caring, down to earth person. I trust her whole heartedly and am very sad not to be able to use her because she moved to Florida. But anyone who puts their pets in her hands will not be disappointed, you can be sure they will get the best care needed. We wish her nothing but the best in her new practice.

Love, The Latorre Family

  Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida I need to write to you to let you know how wonderful both of you are. I have never in my life seen such compassion and true caring in anyone. My Marley has been thru some terrible and scary times recently (I think I was more scared than he is), but your love of animals and the love of your profession really is a blessing.

Both of you make everyone feel that it's going to be fine, because we have not been dismissed once, Marley is not just a patient, and I am not just a frantic mom, and that kind of faith is something that can't be faked. Too bad people doctors dont have even half the integrity that just flows naturally between you 2. If you ever consider changing specialties, I will be your first patient.

Thank you again, and God Bless you......

Michele & Marley Gilmore
Spring Hill, Florida

  Dr. Donna Mignemi, Veterinarian, Spring Hill Florida All I know is that Florida is very lucky to have landed Dr. Mignemi. When she left NY, I didn't know how my dogs and I would get along without her. She is easily the best vet I ever had, and I was so sorry to let her go. Even down to the very last day she was here, she was helping me with my dogs. Dr. Mignemi was my vet for three of my dogs, all mini schnauzers. She saw them from puppy-hood until old age and was always right on with every diagnosis and treatment. In addition, she is kind, patient and confident with the dogs. My dogs were so at ease with her, and when I had to leave them with her during surgeries, I always felt confident in knowing they were being left with an amazing vet and person. Having a mobile vet took the stress out of the visit for my dogs because
it was always a one-on-one experience, which put them at ease.

Dr. Mignemi also goes beyond what most vets would ever do. Several hours after I picked up my dog, Caddie, from Dr. Mignemi's care, she started showing signs of an allergic reaction to one of her immunizations. We didn't know at the time that Caddie had allergies. It was 9pm, and I didn't know what to do, so I called Dr. Mignemi and she met with me that evening to give Caddie a shot of Benadryl. Caddie quickly recovered. It was such a comforting feeling to not have to be dragged into the emergency room. I have never encountered a vet who would take the time to care for my dog that late at night. Dr. Mignemi's commitment and expertise are very rare. I'm so glad to hear she is practicing again and helping and caring for animals. You will love having her as your vet...She
is missed by everyone in NY!